Industry Spotlight: How does GE Oil & Gas manage operational Information Risk?

By EK Koh.

Many companies need to protect sensitive intellectual property (IP) as they collaborate globally on product designs and across multi-level supply chains. They also need to comply with cross-border export regulations even as they collaborate and share technical data with global customers, partners and employees.

Traditionally companies have tried to create fine grained roles to address these requirements, which unfortunately, leads to role explosion. Other companies have tried to customize ABAP code to control access at the transaction level, which is expensive to maintain in a dynamic environment.

Companies such as GE Measurement and Control have taken a more holistic approach to their requirements by leveraging information risk management technology. See the webcast below on their approach.


EK Koh, Vice President of Solution Management and Marketing, is responsible for NextLabs’ industry-focused solution offerings. He works closely with industry experts and customers to leverage NextLabs products to address problems in industries such as Financial Services, Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Energy.

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