“Upcoming Webinar: Next Generation Security Considerations for SAP”

KPMG - Securing the ERP Webcast

SAP security requirements are becoming increasingly complex.
Security threats, data restrictions, emerging regulations, and innovation in
technology is leading traditional approaches to security and access governance
to become costly, unmanageable, and without adequate risk coverage in many
cases. As your technology landscape evolves, so should your approach to
managing security and access governance.

KPMG, a NextLabs partner, will be hosting a webcast, “ERP Risk Series – Next Generation Security
Considerations for SAP” on
July 11,
2pm ET
. They’ll discuss strategies for evolving your access governance and
next generation SAP security considerations. The webcast will be hosted by
Brian Jensen (Managing Director of the Oracle Risk Management Team), and the
featured presenter will be Jonathan Levitt (Director Advisory, GRC Technology).

One CPE credit will be available to U.S. participants who
meet the eligibility requirements.

So, click here to secure your spot today!

What is Digital Business Transformation…really?

Buzz words always amaze me. I love them if I think I coined them I love them until I think they are old and tired, but no matter what they seem to have a life of their own. Business transformation and Digital business transformation are a very hot topic these days in the enterprise space, but what does Digital Business Transformation really mean:

  1. Mobile first and cloud-enabled
  2. Collaboration requirements include always on, with seamless access anywhere and anytime, 24/7
  3. Digitally connected supply chains for highly responsive or just-in-time production
  4. Hyper-connected and complex business applications that are iPhone easy to use
  5. Internet of Things and Big Data driving real-time data decision streams and massive data volumes

more “What is Digital Business Transformation…really?”

Enterprise DRM that Actually Works

We know the problem. Enterprise level Digital Rights Management usually means that I can encrypt something, (usually MSFT Office or PDF), but then when I try to share it with someone who should be able to access it I waste a boatload of time trying to get them access and eventually I just send the data in clear text and tell them not to share it. Uh-oh

EDRM can be a pain or even worse puts me in a position of being out of compliance with internal security policies or even worse . . . governmental regulations. Now to be clear, I have never done anything like this. I am simply giving it as an example of what I have heard from others . . . right? In today’s hyperconnected world I need to be able to share/collaborate securely with people in the extended enterprise, partners, etc. anytime, anywhere and on any device, 24/7. . . is that too much to ask? Oh and by the way, my life is more than just Microsoft Office and PDF documents, I need to share lot’s of different file types . . . you know the drill.

Oh last but not least, I need the EDRM to be automatic, seamless, and deeply integrated with SAP, since that is where most of this work happens for me.


Europe Benefits As Nextlabs Opens EMEA HQ

Mark Clark, VP of EMEA Sales, NextLabsNextLabs is very excited to welcome Mark Clark to the team as the Vice President of EMEA Sales.  The significant increase in both internal and external breaches and heightened regulatory requirements have made it essential for companies doing business in the EU to strengthen their data protection policies. Clark has opened NextLabs EMEA headquarters in London to lead the effort to help businesses address their data-centric security challenges.

In his new role, Clark will be working with commercial and government agencies, partners and System Integrators to meet the demands of organizations in the region. As a leader in data protection, NextLabs is committed to helping companies address the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, including the new GDPR mandates, to ensure that they have the necessary data protection in place to securely collaborate throughout their extended enterprise.

According to Chris Johnson, VP, Sales, SAP GRC EMEA, “Security is of the utmost concern to most of our customers, and it is vital to us that we can offer the latest technologies and innovations to answer modern business challenges.” NextLabs is committed to assuring that sensitive information only gets accessed by people with the correct authorization by providing advanced data security solutions to enterprise customers.

For more information, please visit  www.nextlabs.com or contact Mark Clark directly at +447739615851.

Changing Face of Data Security

By Sudhindra Kumar, Manager of Software Engineering at NextLabs, Inc.|

With the growing adoption of cloud for various business processes, traditional approaches to data security are no longer sufficient to keep enterprise data safe. Gone are the days when all critical information was protected behind a firewall with access restricted to specific clients/devices. IT security teams are under increased pressure to make data available to a plethora of devices (mobile phones/tablets/personal laptops, etc.) and applications without compromising on the security aspect of the data.

Gartner forecasts that 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and increasing to 20.8 billion by 2020. A large percentage of these devices are going to be BYOD, which carry a combination of personal and business data, and have major vulnerabilities – putting your enterprise data at risk. Attackers have shifted their focus from secure enterprise environments to these vulnerable devices, which give them an easy gateway to your enterprise data. Mobile Device Management has become an important staple for every organization. more “Changing Face of Data Security”

4 Steps to Automate Technical Data Export compliance

By Soujanya Madhurapantula.

Best Practices for Automating Electronic Export Control

So at this point, I’m sure you can appreciate the challenges that an end-to-end export control solution has to handle.  Not only must it effectively and carefully track shipments of goods, but also deal with all the technical documents that come with the product throughout the lifecycle of collaboration that you have with the customer or supplier.  The challenge with technical data is that it exists in so many different forms and you can get them from so many different points of access, whether it’s in SAP itself, or within your extranet like SharePoint or cFolders or just plain old email. more “4 Steps to Automate Technical Data Export compliance”

Managing Export Compliance with Trade Management IT Systems

By Soujanya Madhurapantula.

Let’s start with what a trade management system is, what it does, and what are some of its shortcomings.

What is a Trade Management System

Export control can get pretty messy, especially when you consider how a typical company will be operating according to the rules of multiple jurisdictions at any given time.  Businesses that must comply with Export Control regulations like ITAR often maintain license and distribution information in a central Trade Management System (TMS).  more “Managing Export Compliance with Trade Management IT Systems”