4 Steps to Automate Technical Data Export compliance

By Soujanya Madhurapantula.

Best Practices for Automating Electronic Export Control

So at this point, I’m sure you can appreciate the challenges that an end-to-end export control solution has to handle.  Not only must it effectively and carefully track shipments of goods, but also deal with all the technical documents that come with the product throughout the lifecycle of collaboration that you have with the customer or supplier.  The challenge with technical data is that it exists in so many different forms and you can get them from so many different points of access, whether it’s in SAP itself, or within your extranet like SharePoint or cFolders or just plain old email. more “4 Steps to Automate Technical Data Export compliance”

Managing Export Compliance with Trade Management IT Systems

By Soujanya Madhurapantula.

Let’s start with what a trade management system is, what it does, and what are some of its shortcomings.

What is a Trade Management System

Export control can get pretty messy, especially when you consider how a typical company will be operating according to the rules of multiple jurisdictions at any given time.  Businesses that must comply with Export Control regulations like ITAR often maintain license and distribution information in a central Trade Management System (TMS).  more “Managing Export Compliance with Trade Management IT Systems”